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You know how some people say they won’t toot their own horn?

Yeah, not us. TOOT!

We really want to tell you what all the fuss is about when it comes to the technology that powers Spark Loyalty. Because we think our system is pretty amazing. Toot, toot!

Sparking the Magic

Spark Loyalty is one-of-a-kind, secure and sustainable system. It was developed by three grad students at the University of Wisconsin back in 2010. They entered a business contest to create an eco-friendly and ultra-secure way of digitally tracking activity. They came up with the carbon-based Spark Stamp® that doesn’t require power nor an internet connection. Instead, it’s completely powered by the charge in your fingertips and can be recognized by any capacitive touch screen. Pretty cool, huh? The Spark Stamp is also portable, secure and delightful to use.

Today, Spark® technology has been delivered in more than 30,000 devices worldwide and has registered more than 25 million check-in events.

So how does it work?

Explaining Life, the Universe and Spark Tech: Two Options

Tech Speak


Plain English

Each Stamp contains a unique and secure pattern, defined by a patented mathematical algorithm with a multiplicity of algorithmic matrix outcomes.


A set of dots are arranged in special secret patterns on the Stamp. There are millions of possible pattern arrangements. All secret. 

The secure algorithm match ensures that each Stamp tracks activity for one specified physical location or event instance, making each instance unique to the locale and the store instance.


Each Stamp is registered to a specific retail store location. If you have multiple stores, a new special pattern is registered to each store.

The secure pattern is recognized by any app or page that has been optimized for Spark devices. Any capacitive touchscreen can recognize and capture this pattern and can increment the stamp pattern towards your total aggregated point total.


When you touch your Stamp to your Spark Loyalty tablet screen, it recognizes the stamp so it’s counted toward your store location. 

Bottom line? Your customer gets their points. No fuss, no muss. 

Check-in is achieved when the event is transmitted to SnowShoe’s secure cloud repository, which contains a registry for all Spark patterns. All cloud-based data records are stored for your business needs on our secure administrative console interface and can be accessed securely.


Stamping the screen gives your customers points and redeems rewards.

Also, your data is private, and only you can see it any time online.

Keep it secret, keep it safe. 

What Are the Benefits?

Great question. To put it simply:

  • Fast Validation: award points and redeem rewards for your customers in seconds
  • Low Cost: no scanners or equipment needed
  • Real-Time Customer Insights: easily identify who is checking in, redeeming offers and engaging in promotions
  • Secure and Fraud Proof: each Stamp is unique and fraud-proof
  • Easy for your Customers: no need for a paper punch card or an app on their phone
  • Fast and Simple Hardware Installation: simply connect your tablet to power and WiFi
  • No Software Integration Required: no technical installation at your website or integration with your POS system is needed