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Spark Loyalty for
Cannabis Retailers

Spark Loyalty serves 3 million happy shoppers and 1000s of retailers nationwide and now we’re happy to offer the benefits of our market-leading customer engagement system with a customized loyalty solution tailored to the specific needs of cannabis retailers nationwide. 


Drive customer return business for merely the cost of a Netflix subscription –  mobile plans start at only $9.99 / month! 


Spark Loyalty Mobile App - Points for Your Stash

With Spark Loyalty, there's no need for paper cards or for complex POS systems. The system works with cash payments or with simple visits to the store. Your cannabis customers download the free mobile app, check in at your store, and then you validate with a quick and secure digital stamp on their phone screen (no ink, paper punch, or ID required).
Works with cash purchases, credit, debit and medical cards. You choose the points, what discount to provide, and what rewards they receive.

Get Started Today with Quick & Easy Loyalty

1. 5 minute sign up: Click the button to get started. After 30 days, it's only $9.99 / month for cannabis retailers.
2. Store Setup: Your store is set up with your name, your business hours, your brand & your colors in the app as soon as you sign up.
3. Free for Shoppers: Shoppers can download the free app from any app store. As soon as they check in, you get their contact information.
4. Secure Validation: Stamps for shopper check-ins lock data inside. When you check in a customer, it's impossible to spoof the points.
5. Use this week: Once stamps arrive, you can check in customers!

Logos of businesses using Spark Loyalty

Millions of Happy Shoppers

3 million happy shoppers use the Spark Loyalty system today. Invite every one of these shoppers to visit your retail business by using the market-leading customer engagement solution, now optimized for cannabis retailers nationwide.
You can use the same underlying technology used by Shell, Red Bull, Baskin-Robbins, Merkle and 1000s of other retailers nationwide -- but in a special package designed for the needs of cannabis retail stores.
Instead of a generic system that locks you into a constrained POS environment, or requires identification or bank connections, our system allows you to record customer loyalty points, provide recognition of a customer's loyalty and gift a loyal customer with rewards or discounts that you choose. Use the only system that is designed specifically for your needs as a cannabis THC or CBD retailer.

Effective Push & Email Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis retailers use Spark Loyalty because it is one of the few legal ways to engage and delight your customers. Instead of running into the
problems and legal constraints of SHAFT compliance and SMS violations, Spark Loyalty delivers an honest and complete message in a legal and friendly way to your happy customers.
Shoppers who use the free Spark Loyalty mobile app receive customized legal messages as push notifications and email, directly sent to their mobile device. Just like a text message -- only better!

Mobile Marketing Without Hurdles

In today's cannabis economy, SMS and MMS are increasingly regulated, and businesses are often surprised by an unexpected reversal on a particular word or business description. Spark Loyalty avoids these problems by using mobile "push" notifications and email messaging. This combination provides you with a complete mobile+online system that can help you reach every one of your target customers appropriately, comprehensively and without language or communication issues.
Spark Loyalty's complete customer engagement system allows you to design and send push and email messaging to all of your customers, with no additional charge per campaign or message. Our mobile marketing allow you to fully describe your products and your business without worrying about legal issues.

Complete dashboard with cloud-based analytics

We provide all the customer data to you so you can easily take action and update your customers with new information based on their buying behavior. Using Spark Loyalty, you can easily observe the daily performance, identify your best performing marketing campaigns, and manage custom and automatic campaigns from our simple, easy to use virtual dashboard, accessible through any computer or phone.
Our system is a secure and scalable cloud-based system that reports data in real-time and secures your data using up-to-the-minute privacy protection services.

Get started!

1. 5 minute sign up: Click the button to sign up - it only takes a few minutes.
2. Low Cost: After your trial, you only pay $9.99 / month (billed annually).
3. Guaranteed: We guarantee you'll be happy with our system, or else we'll return your system at no additional charge and with no contract in place. We'll also refund your last thirty days of use. We want you to be happy!
4. No Hassle Returns: If this system isn't right for you, we have a no-hassle return policy. Just contact our team and we'll help you move off our system, and take your data with you, at no additional charge.

Download Spark Loyalty today

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