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All About Spark Tech

$9.99 per month

No setup fees. No tablet required.
No contracts. No jerks allowed.


Any questions? 



We’ve got answers. (see below)


All the Questions...
and Answers too

Spark Loyalty® is the best loyalty program and customer engagement system for independent retailers.

Spark Loyalty is our fully customizable, white-labeled customer loyalty system based on protected, highly unique intellectual property that has been proven in the marketplace. 

We’ve built a simple and delightful interface that spotlights your store in a market-ready mobile app with reach to millions of shoppers across the United States. We also provide you with robust tools to reach your customers — unlimited push notifications and email campaigns, and multi-location support.

For PRO merchants, we also deliver a complete SMS and MMS solution. To help ensure retailer success, Spark Loyalty also provides both PRO and mobile merchants with a comprehensive customer analytics dashboard. 

We’re young, scrappy and hungry. Wait, that’s a Hamilton lyric, isn’t it?

But in this case, it’s true. We’re like you. Not a big conglomerate. Not a huge corporate entity. A real small business, that is crushing it every day.

SnowShoe is an independent business based in Portland, OR. We know how to serve local businesses because we are a local business. We are also the only company in this space focused solely on customer loyalty, not on upselling other solutions. 

Our customers love Spark Loyalty because it is easy, simple, inexpensive and effective. Unlike other platforms, such as Clover or Fivestars, Spark Loyalty is:

✔  Locally-owned with US-based customer service

✔  Simple to use mobile app – no counter tablet required!

✔  Contract-free – we don’t ever require a monthly or annual contract

✔  Fully customizable so your brand is the name seen by all your customers

✔  The best customer service in the loyalty business. 

$9.99 / month for Spark Loyalty. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial to try it out today. 


$99 / month for our PRO experience with all the bells and whistles. Sign up here.

That’s it. No fancy talk, no bait-and-switch. No setup fees. No contracts. Just $9.99 / month. 


Unlimited push notifications and email to your customers.

SMS and MMS campaigns as well if you go PRO

No upsell, no surcharge. No “wait for a quote.” No shell game. Just a great loyalty product and a complete system-in-a-box at a great price. Already used by 3 million happy shoppers and 1000s of retailers. 

Today, retailers across the United States use our system every day to offer points, validate check-ins and provide rewards to millions of shoppers. 

Large companies like Shell, Red Bull, Baskin-Robbins, Merkle, Boost Mobile and many others have also deployed the same underlying technology. 

Spark systems are used today by 3 million happy shoppers and 1000s of merchants. For more information you can visit our comprehensive list of Case Studies.

SnowShoe gets it. We have been an independent startup for almost a decade now. We know what it takes to win as a small business. And we’ve got your back.

SnowShoe has also provided loyalty systems to global enterprises for over a decade. SnowShoe has also provided the underlying technology for Spark Loyalty for over five years, and we talk about that storied history in this little podcast episode

Oh yeah, we have a top 25 retail podcast too — we’re in our third season interviewing all the movers and shakers in the retail world — you can check out all the episodes at 

Everything you need to reach, reward and delight your customers. The Spark Loyalty system is a complete customer engagement solution in a mobile device.

You receive in the mail two Spark Stamps as well as instructions on setting up your store, so your shoppers can easily find your store and check in when they arrive, so you can give them loyalty points, product offers and rewards for coming back. 

Your shoppers download our free mobile appand then check in at your store using their mobile phone. 

As a Spark Loyalty merchant, you receive full access to the customer analytics dashboard, and the ability to send unlimited push notifications and email marketing campaigns to your shoppers. 

Yes, you can use Spark Loyalty to market any cannabis product that is legal in your state. 


We support mobile push notifications as well as comprehensive email campaigns for cannabis products. Read more more about how to sign up as a cannabis merchant.


PRO merchants are not permitted to use SMS and MMS campaigns to market cannabis-related products, but PRO merchants can continue to use mobile push notifications and email to market these legal products. 

Merchants who upgrade to PRO also receive two Spark Stamps®, and access to our complete customer analytics dashboard. Your store is included automatically in the mobile app at no additional charge, and all benefits of mobile are available to you and your shoppers.

PRO merchants additionally get access to MMS and SMS campaigns, and can send unlimited text message campaigns. PRO merchants also receive an in-store tablet to collect shopper checkins and reward points, and along with the tablet, you get a customized tablet stand. You license the tablet from us at no additional fee, so that we can upgrade and replace your hardware without cost to you. Our easy-to-use software comes fully installed on your tablet and is fully customizable, which helps you to feature your own store brand and choose your own points and rewards levels for your customers.

PRO merchants can send unlimited text messaging and email campaigns, so you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere. Yes, these features are completely unlimited for PRO merchants and without additional fees. 

You use Spark Loyalty to ask customers for their contact details, and you use that information (with the customer’s written permission) to tell them about your fantastic store. This keeps customers coming back for more.


You communicate with your customers via SMS text messages and email messages. Did you know that SMS messages are opened an average of 3 seconds after receipt? 


Here are some examples:

  • Send a Happy Birthday message with an offer for a free B-Day item. 
  • Send a two-for-one offer to customers who haven’t stopped by recently.
  • Tell customers you’re open during Spring Break, or closed during the hurricane. 
  • Tell customers you have a new cat in the store. Miaow! Hey girl, you own what you tell customers… tell customers anything you want!

One further point — we won’t ever take your customer’s data and market to them, or sell that data, or use it to feather our nest. That’s not how we roll. We are not Facebook. The information you get from your customers is between you and your shoppers. It’s not ours. It’s yours.


We’ll even export your data for you, at no additional cost and no questions asked, if you need your customer data for any reason. 

Nope. We don’t do that. 


No contract. Ever. And we also won’t jack up your prices over time. We don’t do those things to our friends. 


That’s a promise. 


We just believe you’ll love our product so much that you’ll keep using it, month over month. Our product speaks for itself.


We are the best, and we won’t keep you as a customer if you don’t believe that too. 

We thought you’d never ask. You can check out a complete explanatory video right here


AND sign up for a free demo right here:

Download Spark Loyalty today

See Spark Loyalty in Action!

See Spark Loyalty in Action!