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Happy Customers

Loyal customers keep us going… 

we bet the same is true for you! 



Creamistry has used Spark Loyalty in over 80 locations. Creamistry $90,000+ a year by switching to Spark Loyalty, and they've generated over 16,000 visits from marketing campaigns.

Sofie's Scoops

Sofie’s Scoops’ mission is to make hand-crafted, authentic, and unique gelato fresh daily in Olympia WA. SnowShoe amplified the success of Sofie's unique gelateria, expanding their business.

Poke House

Poké House is an independently-owned restaurant chain with multiple locations throughout California. The Spark Loyalty system helped Poke House be successful in a challenging market. 

Encore Chocolates

Encore Chocolates and Teas specializes in gourmet artisan chocolates and bulk teas. SnowShoe helped Encore with a loyalty solution that fit their customers and the Encore brand.

Creamistry saved $90,000 by switching to Spark Loyalty.