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Loyal customers keep us going… 

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1000+ Retail Customers Nationwide

Case Studies


Creamistry has used Spark Loyalty in over 80 locations. Creamistry saved $90,000+ a year when they switched to Spark Loyalty, and to date, Creamistry has generated over 16,000 visits from campaigns.


Encore Chocolates

Encore Chocolates and Teas is an independent shop in downtown Olympia specializing in gourmet artisan chocolates and premium bulk teas. Owner Dean Jones chose to use Spark Solutions to bring back his loyal customers.

Poké House

Poké House is an independently-owned restaurant chain with multiple locations throughout California. SnowShoe's Spark Loyalty system helps Poké House be successful in a challenging and ever-changing market. 

Explore Waterford

Explore Waterford

Waterford is rich in small-town charm, with local retail shops carrying everything from handcrafted jewelry to home decor. Spark Loyalty helps their loyal customers return and shop in downtown Waterford.