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Inside the Spark System

Remember when your customers would get a printed card and bring it in for an inked stamp each and every time they visit? In the end, you got a frayed piece of paper with ten stamps on it, and you gave them a cup of coffee. 


Is that really working for you?

We have a better solution.



Here are all the pieces that make it work:


Spark Stamp - Your Unique Digital Punch Card

With the Spark Stamp, there's no need for paper cards. Customer just checks in, and then you validate their check-in with a simple stamp on the screen (no ink required). Our digital stamp technology is proprietary and is protected by 14 patents around the world. The Spark® system has been delivered in over 30,000 devices with over 25 million check-in events.
This innovative capacitive technology creates a unique "fingerprint" signature specific to each store. Your stamp is yours, and can't be used by any other store. You choose when customers get points or redeem rewards.

Customizable white-labeled tablet featuring your brand

Spark Loyalty delivers to you an iOS-based tablet in a locked kiosk stand, already pre-configured with your business name, logo, and brand colors. The entire tablet is branded as your business. We deliver one kiosk that fulfills the dual purpose of both a shopper-facing check-in station and a merchant-facing validation station. One mini-tablet is all we need!
Customers check in to the tablet by entering their phone number each time. Then you quickly stamp the same screen to validate their check-in or to give them their rewards. All data from the tablet is stored securely in the cloud, and you don't need to keep customer information at your store.

Unlimited Text & Email Customer Campaigns

Our system includes unlimited text and email messaging to your customers. Our research shows that you get 10 times better results than traditional email marketing with Spark Loyalty's automated campaigns. Our system determines the best times to send promotions to your customers to get them back in your store. You can create relevant, personalized and well-timed messages to your customers instead of just relying on standard email marketing blasts and newsletters.
Our text-messaging system is compliant with all federal and state rules and requires full opt-in and consent for your customers to receive your message. Our system is based on our relationship with you and your trusted relationship with your customers. Trust matters.

Supporting you in all of your business locations

If you have multiple locations, Spark Loyalty can easily support points across all your locations. Using our system, you're able to enable each of your business locations with a unique Spark Loyalty station that syncs to your single business account. Give your managers and franchisees the power of easy rewards programs, automated campaigns, and emails, and text messaging. Plus, you can easily send out campaigns to specific locations and view reports by location!

Complete dashboard with cloud-based analytics

We provide all the data to you so you can easily take action and update your customers with new information based on their buying behavior. Using Spark Loyalty, you can easily observe the daily performance, identify your best performing marketing campaigns, and manage custom and automatic campaigns from our simple, easy to use virtual dashboard, accessible through any computer or phone (or on your Spark Loyalty tablet).
More technical details: Our system is a secure and scalable cloud-based system that reports data in real-time and secures your data using up-to-the-minute privacy protection services.

Set Up is Easy

  1. 5-10 minute call: Business Planning Specialist Ron will collect your information.
  2. Rapid shipment: We will send you all equipment and schedule an install date.
  3. Works out of the box: Everything will be ready to use as soon as you receive it.
  4. Use immediately: Once we get you started and you have confirmed that all your data has been transferred over, you’re ready to go!